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The Independent Business Association of Wisconsin (IBAW) was formed over 43 years ago to speak out against pending legislation which would have impacted the bottom-line costs of businesses throughout the state of Wisconsin. It was also a meeting place for high level CEOs, CFOs, COOs, other upper management and entrepreneurs to network, exchange business ideas and educate themselves. Our members and guests consistently tell us IBAW has the best speakers and executive networking.

Since 1971, IBAW members have remained committed to being involved in the legislative process. The organization continues to be an effective member-driven, grassroots voice in Madison and Washington D.C., working closely with state and national legislators and regulators on issues that affect small and independent businesses. Companies in manufacturing, service, distribution, consulting and the professions participate as IBAW members and add to our voice.

A statewide, non-profit association, IBAW members and sponsors employ thousands of Wisconsin workers. The IBAW's mission is just as important today as it was when it first started back in the 1970's: 

IBAW Mission

To advance business prosperity through insightful programming, 

executive networking and member-driven public policy and advocacy.

The IBAW provides opportunities for high level professionals to:

      - Educate yourself and members of your team with insightful programing.

      - Develop a high level network of peers.

      - Contribute your views to elected officials on policy & regulation issues which affect your business.

      - Personal growth avenues for you or upcoming members of your staff.

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 What our members say...  

“I almost always come away from an IBAW meeting with useable material that helps me with my business.  Many times, a speaker   will give me something that applies to ITU AbsorbTech. Other times, it is a conversation over breakfast that gives me value. Because of the intimate setting, it is easy to engage the speakers after the presentations. I have a number of contacts I use often that began at IBAW.”

- Jim Leef, ITU AbsorbTech

"Both the speakers and members of IBAW are of the highest caliber.  
  The sessions are informative and add value both for my business as well as to be able to pass on to my clients.  
  IBAW is the place to be for quality programming and networking!”

- Lyndsay Zwirlein, PNC Bank

 “There are few organizations which can provide the level of value to that of the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin, their commitment to providing outstanding monthly programming, unique “behind the scenes of business” opportunities, and actual real-time assessment of the legislative landscape, are second to none in Wisconsin.”

Tricia Conway, Director - External Affairs, AT&T Services, Inc.

 What Legislators say...
"IBAW has been a terrific facilitator in providing the feedback I need from the business community 
in order to make changes to our tax code that support business expansion. 
Wisconsin is a more business friendly state because of IBAW and their members engagement."

- Rep. Dale Kooyenga, 14th Assembly District


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