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Why Doesn't IBAW Broadcast Monthly Meetings with Zoom?

With getting back to in person meetings, some have asked why we don't broadcast/record our monthly meetings. This is something we have looked into and discussed at the board level. The decision is - at this point - not to broadcast or record the meetings. Let me explain why.

One of the pillars of IBAW is for people to network and get connected. As a matter of fact, when polled, networking and connecting was rated the number one reason members - and future members -  attend IBAW meetings. 

Before Covid, our average attendance was reaching the 70 to 80 attending our meetings with a lot of business taking place from the connections and relationships being made. That indicates our members are finding value in getting together and making business connections. Rolling out of bed early isn't easy but it's what we do as business people. 

During the onset of Covid, and the mandated government shutdown order,  we did have to resort to Zoom meetings out of necessity and our average attendance was about 35 people jumping into those meetings which were highly advertised. That's a far cry from the 70 to 80 people we were getting for our in person meetings. 

Any organization, whether it’s IBAW, the Rotary, or your local church, is built and survives by people connecting and interacting. There's definitely a certain energy level in the room when there's a good crowd. Additionally, a good portion of IBAW’s funding is derived from events so well attended events add to the health of IBAW and what we can do.

One more thing to note: Many of our presenters speak quite candidly and sometimes off the record on topics which gives us insights they may not normally share if recorded. 

Why Not Just Broadcast & Record The Meetings? What's the Harm in That?

While there's no harm to broadcast or record a meeting, there is a cost associated with it, and there's also a technology and logistical component to it as well. 

Hosting a Zoom meeting at one’s desk is vastly different than broadcasting from a remote location. It’ not as simple as putting on a dress shirt, opening a laptop and start talking.

Having the proper equipment for video, lighting and especially sound has to be taken into account. Someone would also have to be hired to ensure all those items are properly engineered, and the technology runs smoothly for the duration of the meeting. Additionally, there's post production to get all of it buttoned up for viewing. All of this costs money and doesn't come without a heavy price tag. And while some may say, "I'd be willing to pay something to watch it.", it's highly unlikely to offset the actual cost which can run from $2500 to $7500 per meeting (we checked.)

Zoom Has A Place At IBAW

Having said all that, we’re not quitting Zoom meetings completely. There are possible future events we hope to broadcast/record with individuals we normally couldn’t get because of vast distances or logistics.

I hope is does answer your question and the thought process behind why we are doing what we are doing.

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