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Next Level Leadership Program

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Get the upcoming leaders inside your business ready to take over. This is the perfect program to help build and organize the next generational leaders inside your business. 

Based on Brian Tracy's proven process for success is the foundation for this leadership program brought to you by the IBAW and FocalPoint Leadership.

Communication & Accountability

Leadership & Strategic Thinking

Effectiveness & Time Skills


$1500 per person / each 3-month Module

(3 sessions each + 1/2 hr 1x1 coaching session each month)


Special: $3700 per person / all 3 modules when paid in advance


Module 1 - Communication & Accountability: Jan 19, Feb 16, March 16

Module 2 - Leadership & Strategic Thinking: April 20, May 18, June 15

Module 3 - Effectiveness & Time Skills: July 20, Aug 17, Sept 21

Class is on the third Tuesday of the month, starting on January 19

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Executive Director Steve Kohlmann by clicking here.






Module 1 / Month 1

“Know Thyself”

Behavioral research suggests the people who are most effective are those who understand  themselves - both their strengths and their weaknesses. Such self- awareness enables them to develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. In this session you will learn how to respond to problems and challenges, how to effectively communicate your point of view to others, and how to understand the viewpoint of others.

Gain a clear understanding of your behavioral style

Accept and appreciate the differences in people

Module 1 / Month 2

Personal Strategic Plan

The largest and most successful companies in the world use the tool of strategic planning to increase their

return on equity. Now the same tools is made available to you in the form of the FocalPoint Strategic Planning Process. In this session, you will learn how

to increase the return on all the mental, emotional and

physical energies you have to invest in your career. You will learn how to achieve the very highest return
possible on the investment of yourself in everything you do.

Create your vision of an ideal career and business by answering eight strategic questions.

Articulate your mission.

Determine the disciplines, skills and activities you will require to carry out your mission and achieve your vision.

Module 1 / Month 3

Identify Your Areas

of Excellence

You have special talents and abilities you can use to achieve your goals in life. If you are serious about taking charge of your life, about achieving your goals, about building a successful and profitable business and making your life a work of art, you must discover what these special talents and abilities are, and then commit yourself to honing them into a fine, precision instrument.

Discover your special talents and abilities you possess today.

Identify the core competency your will require in the future.

Develop a plan to ensure you have mastered this core competency when the future arrives.

Module 2 / Month 1

Time Management

Perhaps the most critical productivity-enhancing skill is that of time management. The biggest mistake people make, day in and day out, is focusing too much of their time on activities that add little or no value to their lives. Successful people focus on those activities that add great value and help them achieve their goals easier and faster.

Distinguish between high- and low-value activities.

Planning & organizing your time

Maximizing productivity 

Identify, analyze and abandon unproductive activities

Module 2 / Month 2

“Know Thy Business”

Regular monitoring of key performance measures in your business is core to growing your revenues and increasing your profitability. Without such a reality check, you are flying blind, with no way of knowing if you are on the right flight path or whether to take appropriate corrective actions if you are not. A serious weakness in many companies is a lack of understanding of the business they are in. This can prove fatal in the marketplace.

Identify the metrics for participant’s success in the business

Define and create your KRI’s & KPI’s

Know what business you are in, could be in and should be in, based on your own talents and abilities, and the realities of the marketplace.

Module 2 / Month 3

Superstar Selling

There are 3 steps in the sales process: establishing rapport, identifying the problem and presenting the solution. In this session, we’ll dive into each step in the sales process and tools to overcome objections.

Cement your rapport- building process

Uncover the primary problem

Present the solution

Anticipate & overcome objections

Module 3 / Month 1

What is Your Why?

Leadership is the single most important factor in the success or failure of a company, an entrepreneurial venture, a business or even a family. Leadership is the one factor that can have a greater influence over an organization or activity than any other single factor at any particular time. In this session, we’ll review the principles of leadership and align them to your business.

Clarify your own purpose and align key stakeholders with your purpose

Choose strategic business values that will govern

Set a clear vision and communicate to your stakeholders

Module 3 / Month 2

Strategic Leadership

Clearly articulating the vision of the business is not an end in itself; it is just the beginning.

From this point forward, the leader must make every effort to muster the resources of the

business and direct them toward achieving the vision. The beginning point is to take the
time to think strategically about how to most expeditiously achieve the vision.

Distinguish between tactics & strategies

Learn and effectively implement SWOT Identify the driving forces of the business success

Look at your competition and determine market strategies for your major competitors

Module 3 / Month 3


One challenge faced by every leader in this time of rapid and escalating change is that of mounting complexity in both their life and business. In your role as leader, you must commit yourself to continually simplifying


Honestly assess the level of complexity in business and in life

Determine where it is out of control and regain control 

Determine strategies to overcome stress and maintain a clear mind and high degree of objectivity 

FocalPoint - Team Wisconsin

Sean Allen - has over 20 years in leadership, sales training, development & production.  Sean served in the US Navy for 10 years before a career and healthcare administration and then real estate sales and leadership.  Within sales and leadership, Sean developed a successful production team in addition to a comprehensive training and coaching program across multiple offices.  Sean's passion for leadership development showed up as he began to exclusively coach sales leaders, owners and team members worldwide.  With over 6000 hours of 1 on 1 coaching and countless hours of training and speaking to teams and groups, Sean's goal is to empower business decision makers to grow and develop so they can impact their teams, families and communities through their business success.


Sean is married, has 5 amazing children and enjoys his experiences coaching youth sports, making beer, playing his guitar and spending time outdoors.


Bruce Bautch – works with his clients to bring the “Voice of the Customer” to the forefront of decision making and strategic planning.  Bruce’s clients have increased their net incomes and revenues while also working less hours by utilizing time management sills developed with Brian Tracy’s training curriculum  “Bruce is exactly what my business needed” is what one client had to say about coaching with Bruce. 

Bruce is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Wisconsin, a Certified Business Coach and a Certified Executive Coach.  He lives in Dousman.  Bruce is a retired Army Engineer Officer where he was consistently promoted ahead of his peers.  He fine-tuned his coaching and project management skills through command and staff assignments.  Bruce graduated from the University Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a B.S. in Accounting. He has spent over 25 years coaching business leaders, navigating change management, optimizing vendor contracts and relationships and analyzing financial/performance metrics.

Kristin Carlson - works with Business Owners & Corporate Leaders that want to live their vision and achieve their goals faster than on their own. She has a 30-year career in Information Technology and 20+ years of leading managers and technical teams. Kristin’s passion for building high performing teams started in high school where she tried out and made the all-state USVBA Women’s Volleyball Team. The team competed for 5 years, playing in 5 National Championships. Kristin also played on the collegiate volleyball team at St. Cloud State University. She took this passion into her career and focused on building best-in-class teams that produced amazing results with a mindset of improving profitability, continuous improvement, operational efficiencies and building leaders.


Kristin joined FocalPoint in 2018 and is a Certified Business & Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer. She serves Business Owners and Corporate Leaders to give them a higher ROE - Return on Energy - to get the most value out of the effort they put into their business.The significant results are recognized on their bottom line! 

On a personal level, Kristin has an amazing husband, 2 children that have amazing significant others and 2 grandsons. She is the Co-President of the Board for The Parenting Network, and enjoys playing golf, volleyball, soccer, and cards.

Steve DuVall - is a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and the owner of Permanent Progress LLC of Sussex, Wisconsin. During Steve's 30 years of leadership roles in purchasing and supply chain management he collaborated with more than a thousand companies around the world. His success in getting the most of those business relationships was based upon building high levels of trust and a deep commitment to achieving mutually beneficial objectives. Steve has carried his relationship-based approach into his coaching business to assist clients in achieving improvements in all areas of the business, maximizing revenue, profitability, and return on investment. Additionally, Steve brings to his clients best in class business practices which he learned and implemented while working with world renown manufacturing companies.

On a personal level, Steve is four-time lronman finisher and plans to complete more races. Steve utilized the services of a coach and he relates his coach-client experience to that of business coaching - having someone dedicated to supporting and guiding you can help you reach new levels of success.

Brad Herda - has a passion for supporting people achieve their full potential through the business lifecycle.  Whether you are at launch, growth, maturity or exit, Brad will use his decades of wisdom, to support your end goals and desires.  He enjoys the manufacturing, construction, and trades industries as they are the backbone to a successful Wisconsin economy.   His superpower of gaining a complete understanding of your business, putting it into context and seeing where the mismatch is to identify opportunities is something Brad is an expert at.  He has successfully supported the sale and transition of leadership with several local companies and continues to dive the need to understand generational needs for business survival.

When not working he enjoys playing golf with his family and friends, DIY projects, cooking, and keeping his yard in order.  He and his wife are very proud that both of their children are out on their own living in Minnesota and Florida.  Travel plans will be in their future.

Kerrie Hoffman - is passionate about business transformation and getting as many companies as possible on their journey to The Next Age™. Kerrie is a #1 Bestselling Business Author and CEO of Hoffman Digital, an ecosystem of companies “Igniting the Human Experience at Work”. This includes Digital Advisor and Certified Business Coach at FocalPoint Business Coaching, Strategic Advisor at several Modern Technology Companies, and Co-founder and Partner at Get Digital Velocity. In addition, she is a Keynote Speaker and Chairman of the Board for HashedIn Malaysia.

Prior to her current roles, Kerrie spent 30+ years in 3 corporations as an intra-preneur and business transformer. She has worked in a variety of industries and several roles including CIO, Operations, Supply Chain and Sales. Kerrie’s previous employers include Aurora Health Care, Johnson & Johnson, and Johnson Controls.


Having a passion for the community, Kerrie is active as a Board Officer for the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin South East, Member of Technology United, a United Way Donor Network and previous Board member for United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.


When not focused on her business, Kerrie is spending time with family, camping, creating unique jewelry, or reading the latest geeky material on the future of technology.

Ron Katanick - is a seasoned professional with 30 years of comprehensive experience in the dynamic retail industry. Ron developed a passion for building teams and developing individuals.  He now helps business leaders find the path to clarity and maximum achievement.

Ron currently owns two businesses and was recently appointed Associate Instructor by UW-Madison.  As a corporate veteran, he has owned a wide scope of leadership roles covering Brand/ Sourcing / Production / Materials / Quality Assurance / Product Integrity / Technical Design / Sustainability.

Ron has demonstrated a consistent history of growth and evolution.  He is a continuous learner who builds teams that strive for continuous improvement. Ron has led transformational change in both his own teams and in the mindsets of partners.  He is a strong professional communicator with an MBA from UW-Madison - School of Business. Ron has proven success in international business dealings and prioritizing relationships across cultures and is an experienced negotiator and global traveler.

Ron lives in Milwaukee with his lovely wife and has two daughters in their twenties.  The family loves the outdoors and all things active.

Bruce Russell is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in administrative leadership and management spanning 25+ years in for-profit, and public not-for-profit sectors.  A strong sense of urgency with a results-oriented approach, fostered by a deep focus on growth, development and the forging of partnerships are hallmarks of his career. Bruce leverages his experiences with learnings from a Doctorate in Administrative Leadership, to help business leaders and entrepreneurs on their journey for clarity and maximum achievement.

Bruce has been a small business owner, a Research Associate in both academia and industrial settings, and a Regional Sales Manager in the biotech arena.  A passion for leadership and helping others eventually drove a transition into education, where he served in a variety of management positions in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  

Bruce has served administrators across the state as an AWSA Board member, State President, on the State Legislative Committee and as the national NASSP Advocacy Coordinator.  Bruce continues to give back to future business and education leaders as a graduate instructor, teaching Human Relations and Leadership classes for a local university.

When not in the office, Bruce is an avid hockey fan who spends time with his wife and two children, staying active playing golf, mountain biking, skiing, and enjoying summer days on the Bay.

Bill Sanders - is a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and business owner in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He has over 25 years of experience leading manufacturing operations for large corporations both domestic and international as well as the top leadership role for five diverse small companies. During his career, success was driven by analyzing the needs of each business and customer base to develop high levels trust and synergy to grow the profitability of both.  Through this experience, Bill has become an expert in strategic planning, team development, lean implementation and increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Bill volunteers as the Director of the Leadership Board of the Professional Opportunities Networking Group, a support group for job seekers in transition. 

When Bill isn’t learning more about the ‘business of business’, he spends his time in the kitchen, listening to classic rock or improving his golf game to keep up with his sons-in-law.

Jason Weseman - is a visionary senior executive with expertise in managing cross-functional strategic projects within organizations and leading divisions to growth that exceed expectations. Adept at strategic organizational development and growth, his extensive experience includes managing multiple corporate functions dealing with complex products and processes while increasing growth, revenue, market share, and profitability. Jason is a strategic thinker who combines his project management and planning background to lead successful teams and individuals in various industries.  

A veteran executive of some of the world’s largest firms, Jason Weseman has followed many career paths, many of which were unlike any of the others. As a result of the success he has created throughout his many roles, Jason consistently has been viewed as a Maximizer; he takes what’s good and makes it outstanding! He is an experienced business integrator who has been responsible for managing the growth of business divisions while maintaining his personal ethics and integrity at every stop. Jason has sustained regional and national growth for some of the most important divisions within his various corporate employers. 

As a business coach, Jason combines his passion for strategic business growth planning with his ability to lead large cross-functional projects. He helps guide clients to become more profitable, lower operational costs, increase sales, improve employee engagement and retention, and hire the right people. Jason is a passionate leader with high ethics and moral character who brings over 20 years of wide-ranging successful business experience to his coaching practice.
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